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for themselves, everyone is asking how much longer they will have to wait like this. >> now, barack obama announced he bears the responsibility for the troubled roll out of his trumpetted health care reform. the affordable care act, a.k.a., obamacare continues to be a burden than a success. public anger growing over a botched online rollout and millions have suddenly canceled individual insurance policies. obama apologizing for that fumble. his mea culpa coming as pressure rises from democrats for a response. obama's popularity rating has hit new lows. the latest new polls has him at 39%. to canada now where police have wrapped up a global child pornography ring. in all, nearly 350 people arrested around the world in connection with the case. the international operation dubbed project spade also helping rescue 386 children. the investigation beginning in 2010 when a website selling illegal images of children was trace back to toronto. let's listen to the head of the toronto police unit outlining the types of people picked up in the dragnet. >> the number of people that had close contact w
, and that is notably an obama administration official confirming that last wednesday israel did mount an attack on syrian territory. however, that official did not indicate the nature of the target nor its precise geographical location. pan-everett media reported the strike occurred near the northwestern city in syria and perhaps another strike near damascus that has again not been confirmed. either by israel's defense ministry or by its government who have remained mute on the issue. if they were to make any comment , as they have in the past one of the strikes were attributed to israel, between four and five this year alone, but all we will hear from israeli officials is that israel will do what ever -- whatever it needs to, and that includes using force, in order to prevent weapons from being transferred into the hands of its enemies. so, according to anonymous sources, this would be a shipment of russian long-range missiles that would supposedly ollahnt to has bola -- hezb operating in southern lebanon. >> if indeed this was an arms shipment, why would israel strike now? what is the strateg
of war rises. if the problem, according to them, is that president obama's credibility to enforce any kind of deadline has really been badly damaged. why is that? taking a quote from the article that's the problem is the president has once again laid out another redline but his track record with red lines is ambiguous. this is referring to what happened with syria. physically, there are a lot of doubt as to whether obama will be able to impose a redline on iran and if he does not, a real possibility israel would attack. >> and what the deal means for the region. >> an interesting piece in the "jerusalem post" which points out the deal could intensify sectarian tension in the middle east. because according to critics, , theeal legitimizes iran rising power in the region. so basically it changes the regional geo-strategic landscape in favor of shiites, and this, according to this article, could intensify sectarian tensions. the is a very interesting piece where she talks about a photo that is going viral in lebanon. i was looking for the photo but i cannot find it. if you find it, pleas
barack obama slashed military aid with the aim of pushing egypt toward democracy. egyptians are looking around for new partners to get away from dependence on the u.s. the minister is here for a high-profile visit shows a rekindling of the friendship. >> in france, the justice minister has spoken out against a new racist slur against her after a far right weekly went to press comparing her to a monkey. a string oftest in racist insults against the justice minister, which has prompted the government to fight back or if thomas waterhouse has the details. a the monkey got her been on back. it is a french lay on words, which means the justice minister is in top form. interviewed on french national television, she reacted strongly to the latest controversy. wordsremely violent suggest i am not part of the human race. they deny my place in human society. for my children and my family to hear. i know there are many people who suffer from this kind of attack. the prime minister is responsible for introducing same-sex marriage legislation. one person was expelled from the far right party after p
's and barack obama. his republican rival, ken cucc favorite,tea party gained ground. >> this election was never a choice between democrats and republicans, it was a choice about whether virginia would continue the mainstream bipartisan tradition has served us so well over the last decade. >> in democrat leaning new jersey, republicans fared much better. voters reported -- rewarded chris christie. his estimates it's falling -- following superstorm sandy a year ago, and he was reelected as governor with a little over 60% of the vote. >> she saw me and she burst into tears. born in newark, raised in livingston. i made my wife, from pennsylvania, a real jersey girl. i raise my family in this amazing state. i raise -- i love it as much as my mother and father raised me to love it. >> he's being touted as a republican contender for the 2016 presidential race. a democrat mayor in new york for the first time in two decades, sio presents himself as a liberal progressive alternative for the big apple. talehave spoken about this of two cities, that feeling of a few doing very well, while so many would sli
president barack obama agrees to write a letter acknowledging the u.s. made mistakes during the 12-year war. a move that has been demanded by the afghan president but ruled out by washington. no need for the united states to apologize to afghanistan. quite the contrary. we have sacrificed and supported them in their democratic progress and in tackling the insurgency and al qaeda. >> the ongoing debate comes as afghanistan prepares to host a gathering of 2500 tribal and political leaders in the loya jirga. u.s. hasn accord, the said it will pull out all its troops by the end of 2014. pact is notecurity signed, afghanistan will face the same crisis it faced 12 years ago. there will be a civil war and misery again in the country. the bilateral security deal is opposed by many afghans. jalalabad, thousands of students turned out to protest. do note participating represent us, and we do not accept their decision. we have knowledgeable representatives here who make good decisions. votes in favoril of the pack, it will need approval from both houses of the afghan parliament and the president's sig
. if approved, it would pass to the parliament. it would require approval from u.s. president barack obama. >> let's go to geneva where international talks are heating up on the future of iran's nuclear program. the chief negotiator of tehran says iran will not sign up for a nuclear deal and lets the world accepts its right to enrich you uranium.em -- in which iran's says its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. for many in the west, it is creating a nuclear bomb. the foreign minister of france said the west needed to be firm and its dealings with iran over the program, but he said he was hopeful and accord could be struck this week. the deputy iranian foreign minister said this session is all about rebuilding trust. >> what we are trying now is to rebuild confidence that we lost in previous negotiations because of the mismanagement which was in the previous round. any seriousdecided negotiations yet. but we are trying hard since gainrday to once again confidence between the two sides of the negotiations. had difficultyow last time. >> something completely different for you. if you ar
will also be held in boston. barack obama has ordered that flags be flown at half mast around the country. the death was one of the string of tragedies that has affected one of america's most famous families. >> before jfk even embarked on his path to the white house, tragedy struck the kennedy family. his older brother joe junior was killed in world war ii. jfk and his wife had themselves lost a two day old son. the idea of a kennedy curse emerged when his younger brother bobby was assassinated during the early stages of his own presidential bid. >> how is it possible this family has suffered so much -- is there a curse? three younger brothers dead, the torch passed edward kennedy. >> he had had a few drinks. he left in a car, took a sharp right turn, went on a dirt road, went off of a bridge, and mary jo was dropped. only son, john's .unior died in a plane crash that left caroline kennedy the daughter.ning constant my responsibility to uphold the ideals he represented, a deep commitment to public service, a more justice -- just america. >> caroline is the most prominent member of the fa
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8